Richard Mullins Award

Richard Mullins was known for his position at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf as dean of Student Services, which he held for years. However, his true passion was dedicated to interpreters and ensuring we (interpreters) were recognized as being a profession – a true profession.  He was heavily involved in OKRID and served on the board for many years up until close to his passing. In 1970, interpreting started being recognized as a profession with a lot of hard work and dedication from Richard.  In 1972, Richard was instrumental in the evaluation of interpreters on a state level and around 1975 he started performing evaluations here in Oklahoma for RID for national certification.

Richard Mullins was seen as one of the most supportive deaf individuals for interpreters.  He presented workshops which allowed Oklahoma to be seen as a model for other states.  He and his wife attended every OKRID conference and help mold OKRID into what it is today.  He did all this of his own goodwill without request for payment.  Richard was a warm and caring individual whose mission was to help interpreters succeed. To honor his memory OKRID established the Richard Mullins Award.

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