No 2019 Conference!?

March 15, 2019

This was a HUGE morning for our President, Anne Byrd.  She loves the members of this community so much that she was willing to participate in a video interview!  Jeanette got wrangled into it last minute.  She’s a great team player! Check out the info below and contact us if you have any more questions about this summer, OR if you’d like to see any other questions answered.  Find us through, or on our Facebook page.

*BONUS bloopers at the end. 🙂


Q1. We’ve been hearing rumors that there’s no OKRID Conference this year.  Is that true? I’ve seen the workshops posted quarterly, but what’s going on this summer?

A1. At the end of the OETI week, there will be a Friday (June 7th) workshop open to all provided by OETI, a Friday night social, and a Saturday (June 8th) PPO (power, privilege, oppression) topic speaker chosen by OKRID to satisfy the RID requirement.  CEUs will be approved for both days.  Saturday lunch will be an easy boxed lunch.

Q2. When and where is our required OKRID annual business meeting?

A2. Saturday, June 8th at OSD in Sulphur

Q3. So will we ever have another OKRID conference?

A3. YES! Our next OKRID conference is 2020 in Oklahoma City.  More info coming soon.  We have two co-chairs who we are excited to announce and are  Kerie Ljunghammar and Kevin Myhaver.  Thank you!

Q4. What about OAD’s conference?

A4. Keep posted for OAD’s 2019 conference information.  My hope is we can all be involved and support them for their conference. *EDIT: OAD announced their conference the same day we taped this! Tulsa, Oklahoma September 20-21, 2019

*BONUS FUN* \lml