Conference 2020

[Photo description: 3×3 layout of 9 total squares with photos of OKRID presenters around the outside and a purple center background piece reading in white letters OKRID 2020 Conference Presenters. Top left: Dr. Linda Stauffer; Top middle: Keynote Dawnena Michelle Muth; Top right: Molly O’Hara; Middle left: Stephanie Winslow; middle right: Judy Cain and Carrie Moore; Bottom left: Amber Galloway Gallego; Bottom middle Marci Purtell; Bottom right, Lariisa McClung.]


OKRID is excited to announce the schedule and presenters for the summer conference! Click the links below to register or view hotel information.

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Schedule Information

June 25: Student Centered Pre-conference
Thursday morning session 8-11 am: STUDENTS ONLY
Deaf panel – Panelists TBA

Thursday afternoon: 1pm – 4pm – opened up to any attendee
“Ethics: If only my teacher would tell me the right answer!….and Why they Don’t!: Learning to Integrate the CPC into Decision-Making Models and Reflective Practice” – Dr. Linda Stauffer
(ICRC ethics credit has been requested for this workshop)

June 26
Friday Morning session – 8-11 am
Educational Track – ASL Fingerwording, Molly O’Hara
Medical Track- Cardiovascular system, Stephanie Winsolow
Community Track – The Sight of Music: Part 1, Amber Galloway-Gallego

Friday afternoon session – 1-4pm:
Educational Track – Word Problems? No Problem!, Molly O’Hara
Medical Track – Endocrine System, Stephanie Winslow
Community Track – The Sight of Music: Part 2, Amber Galloway-Gallego

Friday evening:
Keynote from Dawnena Michelle Muth, 6-7 pm (Requesting PPO approval for Keynote)
followed by social hour with cash bar from 7-9pm.

June 27
Saturday morning session 8-11 am:
Educational Track – Academic Language: How do DHH Kids Successfully Navigate the Academic Setting?, Part 1, Judy Cain & Carrie Moore
Medical Track – Nervous system, Stephanie Winslow
Community Track – Being the Ideal Team Interpreter, Marci Purtell (ICRC ethics credit requested)

Lunch: 11am-1pm – OKRID business meeting

Saturday afternoon session: 1-4 pm & 1-5 pm
Educational Track- Academic Language: How do DHH Kids Successfully Navigate the Academic Setting?, Part 2, Judy Cain & Carrie Moore (1-4pm)
Medical Track – When Medical Becomes Legal: Interpreting Advance Directives and End of Life Options, by Lariisa McClung (1-5 pm)
Community Track – Interpreting for Indegenous People, Dawnena Muth (1-5 pm, requesting PPO approval)